Trace Music with a hint of ambience.


The books

1. Andpod: Playlist

2. Andpod: Special Doodles

3. Andpod: Hearing Lies, No More!

4. Andpod: On a Cloudy Day

5. Andpod: Back  in Time

6. Andpod: Whats Here

7. Andpod: A Flower, a Crown, a Heart

8. Andpod: Praise Love

9. Andpod: Victim

10. Andpod: The Holy Encoding 

11. Andpod: Transformed By Her Love

12. Andpod: Angered and Enlightenment 

13. The Ultimate Andpod: Limited [contains: The Holy Encoding and Angered Enlightenment) 

14. Andpod: iPray 

15. Andpod: Fate & Heartbreak 

16. Andpod: A New Beginning (check youtube channel for entire book)

17. Andpod: Massacre Murder

18. Andpod: 3 Words, 8 Letters 

19. Andpod: About you..

20. Andpod: MINDtrip!


go to:  for more on my poetry. I post poems on youtube regularly and I want you all to check it out. Some make sense, other's don't make sense at all!! thats the power of poetry...or just me scribbling things to make it seem like poetry. That's pretty much it for the Youtube part, the poems are pretty random and I suppose they come from the "heart and mind". Enjoy it all the same :-)

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